Online Cooking School for Wanna-Be Chefs

For all of our foodie members who dream of cooking like a chef, now there are no excuses!

You can learn all the ins and outs of creating scrumptious dishes right from your keyboard. This site offers one free recipe a day – but it’s much more than just a recipe. Each day you get an outline of goals for the recipe, videos to show you each step, edible exercises to practice the recipe, a quiz to ensure you understand the lesson details and even a discussion area to talk with others about the dish. How is that for learning to cook!

I have to admit, I don’t like to cook and my family eats a lot of pre-packaged meals. However, this site could be just what I need to learn how to turn everyday foods into yummy dishes my family will ask for time and again.

Start learning the tricks of the trade today.