Physical Wellness Month

Staying physically fit and well is important for everyone. Many business owners find this to be especially challenging. Here are a few topics you may want to blog about for business owners and their families during April, Physical Wellness Month.

  • The importance of taking a break specifically for exercise
  • 5 Exercises you can do at your desk
  • Taking a break for a quick Wii workout (Mention several games that may interest readers.)
  • Enlisting the family to help pull you away from the computer
  • Helpful equipment – Mention balance balls/chairs for the office as well as other indoor and outdoor equipment.
  • Relief and exercises for Carpal Tunnel
  • 5 Games that provide exercise and help in the house (i.e. The Pick Up race – pick up/ put away as many things as you can in 15 min. Track the number of items.)