Questions Questions Questions

In a way, businesses are built on questions. Whether we pose the questions ourselves, they come from team members, or customers, our growth and success depends on questions. On March 14, Ask A Question Day, make it a point to better your life (and someone else's) by asking and answering questions. Use these prompts to get those gears turning.

1. Sometimes you have to ask the right question to get the full picture. Give tips for asking and phrasing questions for the best results.
2. Blog about how customer's questions can help you grow.
3. Write about how asking your readers questions can mean more profits.
4. Set up or add to your FAQ. Show others how to add an FAQ to their websites.
5. Write about your top 5 suggestions for survey programs. (Don't forget to include and your affiliate link. 😉 )
6. Give parents tips for asking and answering tough questions.
7. Give readers tips on asking doctors (health providers) questions.