Revise Your Work Schedule Month

When you set up your business, you carefully set up your work schedule. You even added in some time to be “flexible”. How organized you are! (Even if you didn't, just pretend. 😉 ) You should be able to fit it all in somewhere, right? Well…maybe not. If you continually find yourself missing deadlines, moving projects, getting interrupted by family and friends, etc. you may need to revise your work schedule. These topic starters will help you broach work schedule revision with your readers.

  • When should you revise your work schedule?
  • Discuss revising your work schedule for seasonal needs.
  • Write about what you should consider when changing your schedule.
  • Should you get up earlier or go to bed later?
  • Give tips for finding the right time schedule.
  • Help readers weigh out their schedule options with a list of questions.
  • What scheduling tools would you recommend?