Safe at Home Week 2010

Home sweet home is a phrase that almost everyone knows. It's where we go when we want to be safe and sound from the world around us. But is it really safer? Not according to some studies. Because people “feel” safer at home, they tend to let their guard down a bit and overlook hazards and potential accidents.

You hear a good bit about “toddler proofing” a house but keeping your family safe inside and outside your home goes a lot further than that. Your home needs to be a place where you actually are safer not just “feel” safer.

Since Safe at Home Week is the last Monday through Friday in August each year you may want to jot it down on your personal calendar as well as your blogging calendar. You can do something special during this week such as:

  • Safe at Home challenge – Challenge yourself, family, friends, and neighbors to fix as many potentially dangerous things as possible around the house like that loose door, wobbly chair leg, slidding area rug, nail that backed out of the wooden deck, leaking faucet, add safety locks to cabinets with chemicals, etc.
  • Write about your last 5 home accidents, one per day, and tell how they could have been avoided.
  • Write about safety equipment every home needs and why.

Don't let this week “slip” by you without doing something for your family or blog readers!