Safe Boating Printables And Videos

In another post, we clued you in on stocking up on first aid items for the summer. With an eye still on summer safety, we thought it would be a good time to mention Safe Boating Week (May 22-28 2010.)

To give you some ideas of things to write about or share with your readers, you may want to paddle on over and take a look at these printables.

If videos are right up your line, you may also want to check out these YouTube videos associated with the National Safe Boating Council. There are 26 but we've listed 2 of our favorites below. Depending on your blog, you may also be able to add one/some of these to your site.

Cold Water Boot Camp – Ten minutes long and best suited for teens or adults

Boating Safety Sidekicks
– 32 seconds long and suited for preschool to second grade.