Savings To Give You A Youthful Feeling

Are you ready to feel like a kid again? Great! This week is all about regaining your youthful feeling and saving as you go.

  • To get started, here's a Nature's Bounty free sample of adult gummy multi-vitamin supplements – with extra fiber.
  • If walking is part of your ‘feel like a kid again' plan, be sure to grab this free pedometer, from Nature's Bounty, to track your progress.
  • All that walking may cause chafing so be sure to have a sample of Anti-Chafing Gel, from Lanacane™, handy.
  • If acne breakouts are getting you down, a free sample of the new Oxy Clinical product might be right for you. Sample includes a face wash, hydrating therapy and clearing treatment.
  • While we're talking skin, you'll want to keep your youthful appearance with these Borba Skin Balance Aqualess Crystalline drink mixes.
  • Moving right along in our ‘feel like a kid again' plan…ladies, I know you'll want a free Jonas brothers calendar because they're just so “dreamy”. Talk about making you feel like a schoolgirl!
  • You're feeling like a million bucks now so you'll want to cook like a star too. Here's a free celebrity cookbook for you to download. Be sure to check out the heart trivet on the thankyou page!
  • In case you hit a few bumps on the road to youthfulness, be sure to have a supply of sample bandages on hand. You can get a few Nexcare bandage samples for emergencies.
  • Last, but certainly not least, for those days when you simply cannot deny your aging body (or incontinence), here's a sample of Attends.