Shameless Promotion Month September 2010

Some business owners have difficulty promoting themselves because of the shy factor. If you fall into this group, this is your license to to go for the brass ring. It's Shameless Promotion Month! Grab the marketing info from your favorite business mentor and start putting yourself and your product out there!

Do you mentor business owners? You may want to blog about these topics.

  • Shameless Promotion vs. Obnoxious Promotion – Where is the line?
  • Overcoming your shyness to promote yourself, your business, and your products
  • Etiquette guidelines for “shameless” promotions
  • When business marketing goes too far
  • How to plan and execute successful promotions
  • Cool tools for promoting your business and product
  • Keeping your shameless promotions under control
  • Why some people cringe when they hear the phrase internet marketer
  • 5 things everyone can do today to promote their business or product
  • The drawbacks of social networking sites – Pick 5 or so and talk about the difficulties on each.
  • Promotion tactics that can get you in trouble