Simplify Your Life Week 2011 Aug 1-7

This is a great topic for everyone! From business bloggers to pet bloggers and ever niche in between, your readers are looking for a way to simplify their lives. Check out these suggestions to see if they spark an idea for your blog or website.

How to organize your business tasks
Is your website a lean, mean, selling machine? Organize it for better results.
When should you say no to customer requests?
Learning to say no without guilt
Identify the things that complicate your life. Tell how to avoid these.
Complications – What are they really doing to your health?
Teach your kids how to do things the simple way.
Simple living – what you can learn from your kids.
Scheduling tips to simplify your life
What the Amish, country living, Grandma, Col. Sanders, etc. can teach us about the simple life
How-to tips for getting back to basics