Special Half-Off Coupon Code On New Cookbook

Coupon extended until November 5, 2010. Act Now!

For months, years really, I've been working on a special cookbook. It all started when I was looking for a certain recipe. I thought with all the sites on the internet, my search would be a breeze. I was wrong and fell into many of the traps that I'm sure you have.

I've purchased cookbooks only to find that the pretty cover was the best thing about the book. Cookbooks with hundreds of recipes didn't help me either because they were either old, poorly written, used ingredients that weren't available to me, or all of the above. In short, I always felt that I wasted my money and time.

That's when I got mad and decided to make my own! That is how the My Country Cookin Cookbook series came about. I began with my own recipes as well as some from family members. Then when I tasted a great dish at a friend or neighbor's house, I asked for the recipe, always adding my own special touches after the first time. Pretty soon, I found myself replicating my personal cookbook for holiday gifts.

Finally, after getting my recipes organized, creating original graphics (after learning to use a graphic program), and designing a digital version of the cookbook, My Country Cookin' Basic Cookbook is almost ready. BUT….Here's the good part. Recently, I created the Holiday Turkey Cookbook which can be seamlessly added to the basic cookbook.

Why is this good? Because as a Blog Energizer member, you can get the Holiday Turkey Cookbook (regularly $12.99) at 50% off! PLUS you can share the discount coupon code with your readers. You'll want to do this quickly because it's only good for a short time!

Now, are you ready to grab your copy and share the code? Just visit the Holiday Turkey Cookbook page and purchase using the coupon code: TURKEY50 (that's five zero at the end.)

Note: If you're a Blog Energizer Premium member, I have something special in the works for you but you'll want to take advantage of this coupon code so you can get a sneak peek, which will be important later. Be sure to save your invoice/payment record!