Staying Safe At Home

National Safe at Home Week (Aug 22-26) is the perfect time to talk about home safety. Whether your blog is focused on business, babies, cooking, health, or even lawnmowers, this is one of those topics that you can easily work into multiple articles and niches. Use these ideas “as is' or give them a unique twist to meet your needs.

  • 9 home safety tips for home business owners
  • De-cluttering your home office
  • Keeping your inventory safe (online or off line)
  • What you should include in an emergency plan
  • Special safety considerations for home businesses owners with kids
  • 7 commonly overlooked kitchen hazards
  • Is your home adequately insured?
  • How to stay safe for the accident prone
  • 5 ways to make your lawn or garden more safe
  • Keeping your home office safe for clients (indoors and out)