Stress Awareness Month

Stress is one of those things that can sneak up on you and do real damage to your mind, body, and emotions. Since April is Stress Awareness Month, you may want to use some of these topics as a starting point for your blog posts.

  • Top 5 sources of stress (and solutions) for business owners
  • Recognizing stress reactions in yourself and others
  • De-stressing at your desk
  • Indoor stress relief
  • Outdoor stress relief
  • Enlisting help when you're stressed out (family, friends, co-workers, professionals)
  • Dangers of staying stressed
  • Using exercise to relieve stress (see Physical Wellness Month & Garden Month)
  • Are you breathing right? How breathing can help you to calm yourself and relieve stress
  • Everyone feels stress. How to make de-stressing a family affair

If you are looking for research or material to back up your post check out the press releases over at American Psychological Association. Not only is there a wealth of information, but you can come up with some good angles there. For example the release about U.S. Workers feeling stressed out and undervalued is a great lead in for small business blogs or those of you who reach people who want to be their own boss.