Stress Relief For Mom Coupon and Free eBook

Once upon a time, there was a Calgon commercial where a mom, in a pink fuzzy bathrobe, was stressed because of all the home management demands. She just wanted something to take away all the chaos from the kids, dog, meals, etc. Moms everywhere can still relate to those feelings 30+ years after the commercial stopped airing.

This just goes to show that there have always been times when moms need to take a break, relax, and maybe even look for the humor in the latest chaotic parenting escapade.

If you want Calgon bubble bath to take you away, like the woman in the commercial, you can grab a $1 off coupon and sign up for other sweet Calgon deals. If you're like me and already feel like you're in hot water all the time you may want to try the humor route with this freebie ebook from, The Kids Are Driving Me Crazy!