Information Submission Policy

This policy covers:

  • Freebie submissions
  • Guest blogger information submissions
  • Prize donor submissions
  • Contest information submissions
  • Any information you send us to help you promote your blog/business/webspace/company/name

Just a little housekeeping. We don't ask for much, but we do need to make sure we're covered. So here goes.

  • We'll do our best to help you spread the word about you and your resources, but know that there are no guarantees whatsoever of any kind.
  • We will not be held responsible for any deals, agreements or negotiations you may strike when you work together with any of our readers or members.
  • Links to sales pages, newsletter signup pages and other similar pages contained inside the freebie is ok, but please don't enter them in the description or require signup to receive the freebie.
  • Ads are not allowed
  • We work hard to target Bloggers / Site owners who are responsible, non-spammers and who build quality content rich blogs / sites. However, because the lists may be open to the general public, we cannot control who gets a hold of your content. We cannot be held responsible if your freebies, content or prize requests come from sites that do not match up with your target audience or tastes. We highly encourage you to work directly with the Blogger / site owner / list owner if you encounter such issues.
  • Our readers are adults (or older teens); however, many of them have young children close by. If you make a submission that contains even mild adult content, we ask that you include a note stating that it is not suitable for viewing by young children.
  • Although we do allow some mild adult topics and content, which is tastefully written, we do not allow items that we consider to be of a moderate adult nature. We also do not allow submissions which foster hate, discrimination, gambling, illegal activities, etc. If we feel that any submission does not fit within the scope of our guidelines, we reserve the right to deny the publication of that submission.

That's it for now. Only fair right? Ready to submit content or guest blogger availability? Go here.