Inspirational Teachers Who Change Our Lives

Her name was Mrs Lam and she taught us Algebra. On this particular day, she was reviewing homework with the entire class because nobody but 2 students got it right. Finally she said, now your turn. Tell me how you would do this. Were were completely silent. Nobody. Not even the two who got it right volunteered. Finally she said something that would stay with me until this very day.

“There are many ways to do the math and I don't care how you get the result as long as the answer is correct”

The more I work on my business, and the older I get the more I realize how profoundly true what she said was. There are so many things in life – and business – where what matters most is the end result. Not the process how you get there. Of course we have to operate within legal and moral confines.

When I got married, I shared this inspirational teacher's philosophy with my husband and I believe it is one of the reasons why we have a great marriage and also work well together as business partners.

It is funny how just one sentence a teacher says or a few minutes of attention from a caring teacher can impact our lives. I've got other inspirational teacher stories too of course and some not so good teachers who have also influenced my life one way or another but talking about me is boring. I thought it would be a great idea to rope in other BlogEnergizer members to share their stories and create a joint blog series.

So that's how the Inspirational Teachers Who Change Our Lives series is born. Over the next week or so, you will find below a list of bloggers who are graciously sharing their stories. The links will appear as they are published.

I hope you find this series a great read as well as enlightening. Finally, while you are visiting these blogs, do drop a note in the comments for the blogger.

  • Learning and Heroes by Angie Dixon – What happens when nobody believes you can but one loving teacher
  • The Teacher Who Challenged by Mary Gallagher – Why grades aren't always the most important thing
  • Piano Lessons by Jackie E-S – You have GOT to read her post about her piano teacher. It's not just the story but the photos! It really made her story come alive.
  • Valuable Lessons From Teachers In Our Lives by Kit Singleton – Lessons on trust and customer service too. Who knew?
  • Teachers In Our Lives by Tishia Berg – Tishia shares a great angle about Beginner's mind plus how we are all teachers.
  • Teachers In Our Lives by Lori-ann Engel – Poor Lori-ann was so scared to enter this teacher's class! Find out what happened…

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