Topic Ideas Plugin

Having a download-able list of topics to flip through is great especially when you can use it on the go. But sometimes these things also have a way to get buried deep in your hard drive. That's why we created this plugin. You'll get the monthly topic ideas delivered directly to your blog with nothing to download.

Click To Get Your Plugin

When you install this plugin, you will find a new link under your posts that pulls up topic suggestions for the whole month.

Also, when you go to write a new post, you will see topic suggestions right where you need it most.

How To Get Started

  1. Download the plugin to your computer, there's no need to unzip
  2. Log in to your WordPress powered site/blog
  3. Navigate to Plugins >> Add New
  4. Click on the Upload tab
  5. Click “Browse…” to find the plugin you downloaded in step 1. Select the zipped plugin file
  6. Click Install Now
  7. Once the plugin is uploaded, you may need to activate it.
  8. Upon activation, you will find a new “Topic Idea Settings” link under Settings menu. Click that.
  9. Enter your BlogEnergizer Premium account username and password. Then select the topic category you wish to be delivered to the blog.
  10. Click Save Changes once you're happy with your selection. You will now see a the topic calendar and the topic suggestions on your post page. Note that the calendar may take some time to load.

Download Your Plugin Now

*You get unlimited use of this plugin as long as you remain a Premium member. It is OK to install it on multiple blogs that you own or co-own. This plugin is not for commercial use – which means you cannot install it on your clients' site/blog and use your credentials to receive the topics. We highly encourage you to convince your client to start a subscription with us. You will also benefit by earning affiliate commissions for the duration of their membership as well.