Plugins Just For VIPs

As promised, you will be receiving free plugins from our new site for a period of 2 years. Instead of making you jump through hoops getting yet another login, we put all the plugins here for you to download.

From time to time, we may also add unreleased BETA versions so you will be the first to try them 🙂

Plugins from

Simply visit our plugin site, order as usual. Then use this coupon code during checkout and the price will change to $0. Make sure you use the same email address as you use here. Please do not share this coupon code with others. It won't work anyway 😉

Coupon code: BEVIP

Miscellaneous plugins

Gulp! – Import lots of articles in one go. Great for PLR or bulk uploading of many articles you have written.

Commenter Badge – Reward your most active commenters with a badge they can show off proudly. Badges are earned the more they comment. You can also set different badge levels so people can work their way up.

To download plugins from,