Wanted – Guest humorist to join our team

Ken Main here, producer and co-host of the inexplicably popular weekly comedy podcast (audio) You Can't Make It Up! (www.2KensComedy.com). We are always looking for hosts of a similar show and/or blogger to join us from time to time to offer his/her best examples of people, celebrities, companies, or governments who exceed all human standards in their display of abject stupidity. In other words, if breathing were not an involuntarily act, these folks would probably be dead. (Ya gotta listen and read our blog-show notes to know what we mean!) In return, we guarantee our loyal fans will head on over to YOUR show and/or blog because, just like potato chips and Reese's peanut butter cups, nobody can consume just one of these!

Requirements: must have Skype installed (to join us on our show) and must be available at 7 a.m. Eastern on Mondays. That's when we pre-record each week's show. Also must be semi-conscious at that hour! Please contact me by email. ken@2kenscomedy.com.


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