Wanted: Parenting Blogger At Dinker And Giggles

Dinker & Giggles is looking for guest articles covering a variety of topics. Our site is a resource for parents of boys ages 2-12 years that are typically Christian in faith as well as new to the eco-friendly lifestyle.

We are seeking posts that are personable and can help the parents in areas such as:

Potty Training a Boy
Preparing a Boy for Middle School
Eco-friendly Alternatives to Today's “Hot” Boy Toys
Ways to Introduce God in Daily Life

Each guest post will feature your image and bio box at the bottom of the post. Including links to your website (using keywords or website name). We share our posts on social networks as well.

We need posts ASAP. We are looking for 5-10 posts on the suggested above topics or others that fit our target market. Please send notice of interest or guest article by November 17th to alaina@dinkerandgiggles.com We will begin posting guest articles on November 19th and as they fit into our editorial calendar.