What Will Be Your Legacy Month 2010

Autumn always makes us do a bit of reflecting. Maybe it's because the kids are moving up to a new grade level. Maybe it's because it's just the end of the season. Whatever the reason, we thought since it's a natural time for looking back and forward, it would be a good time to share What Will Be Your Legacy Month. This is a month long celebration in August and is pretty self explanatory. Do a little reflecting and some dreaming for the future to blog about what you are doing (or will do) to make a positive impact on future generations.

Do you have a business blog? You could blog about how your business affects your children and the values you teach them by owning a business.

Foodie bloggers, you could write about the kinds of recipes you share and how they will help future generations. Health bloggers, you may want to blog about how getting fit now can help to ensure your grandchildren are healthier.

Do you have a faith based blog? You could write about how keeping the faith affects your descendants or what affect your ancestor's faith had on you.