Whitelist Our Emails

Thank you for subscribing to Blog Energizer emails.

Most email services have spam filters to block unwanted email messages. Sometimes, these filters will block a message that you do want to receive. This means you could be missing out on some great deals or smart updates we might have for you.

To Make Sure You Are Receiving Your Emails Do This:

For Gmail

1. Locate emails from lynettechandler@techbasedmarketing.com
2. Drag it from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab

3. Click Yes to automatically do this for future messages.


Yahoo Mail

Open your Plugin Mill welcome email and from the More dropdown, select “Filter Emails Like This…


In the popup, make sure From contains lynettechandler@techbasedmarketing.com and the move the message to this folder field is set to Inbox. Save.



Open your Blog Energizer welcome email and from the … menu on the top, select “Create rule


In the popup, check that Sender contains lynettechandler@techbasedmarketing.com and select Move to Inbox. Click create rule.